August 7th, 2009


Anticipation -- The story so far

We've spotted a bunch of people:
Tom Easton, Lawrence Schoen, Mark and Priscilla from NESFA, Sharon Sbarsky, Laurie Mann, Eva Whitley....
Sue Wheeler, John Perrault, 

Serge caught up with us this morning,
Saw Jim M.
saw FoL:
Myles (and wife Nancy), Debmats, Serge, Julia, and many et cetera

We've walked a very small portion of the admirable Underground City, and helped others find their way there, wee may make a hobby of walking underground city type places . .we've done it at cons in Toronto, Chicago, Salt Lake City,

Other notes: Fud, we Haz it --

we ate Italian  last night at Da Franco ... (233 Notre-Dame) ...good food (4 people, 4 different selections, 4 smiles), this morning  at
Eggspectations ...that was bet coffee we've had in Montreal. First night in we went for a quick bite at the captive "bistro" at the Embassy Suites, where we got glacial service bordering on the surly and the wrong food in a Day's Inn or college dorm cafeteria atmosphere -- not going back *there* to eat WITHOUT AN APOLOGY... to be fair, we also got the wrong breakfast at the Westin, which was probably as much the fault of this rock-and-roll reviewer's old ears, and we might go there again.... looks like Sunday morning FOL breakfast will be at Eggspectations around 8:30, as things stand now.

More, later...
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