August 4th, 2009


By the time you get the Phoenix any case, for my birthday there was a day lily, the first of the season. Since then several days with one or two, and today without. Tomorrow bodes to be a monster day by the looks of the buds ...and as I conjectured some weeks ago, most of the blooming this year seems likely to occur while we're in Montreal. I hope the birds, the bees, and the drive-bys enjoy the show!

Today a whirl of work, starting with printing of fliers and then the mailing of books, thne packing supplies from the office to travel with us (some book covers, some badge-ribbons, some signing pens.... stuff). It didn't help that Sharon's laser printer wanted to act up.... and did, meaning I ended up with a sub-par coupon hand-out for the con, but hey, coupons need to be interesting enough to be looked at, not beautiful.

I also cleaned out Argent the Subaru for the trip, added windshield wash, and etc ... in the morning we'll fill-up at the Circle K which is directly on the route to Anticipation. This should be quicker than driving to Albany, ayuh.

As time permits I'll try to blog from the con.