August 2nd, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Adjusting things

By the end of 2009 I hope to have the new Korval and Liaden websites up -- and over on Sharon's blog is a list that can start the bibliography ... or be used a base, at least.

now all we need is the dates of original publications from each publisher, including SFBC, the strange omnibi editions (Partners in Necessity, Pilots Choice) the chapbooks, the story collections, the overseas editions (Russian, Polish, German), the electronic editions (and boy, look at the permutations there!) 

It would be really good, I think, if bibliographers did not credit me with the Dragonlance stuff.  Really. This is not fair to the hardworking Steve Miller who wrote those -- but who is not me. Nor have I written any Christian prayer books, nor any books on trade-show marketing. hate to disappoint, but Tradeshow Steve is not me, even if we both did have our names on books called Agent of Change, in the same year.

Breakfast waits. Hope to see lots of you in Montreal.

Also, yes, I'll be needing some eyes for forthcoming chapbooks.


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