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it came out of the wordwork

We have a new book out, we have a new book our, we have new book out...
We have a new book out ....

wait, we've done that before. No need to jump up and down and cheer and ... we must be dignified and professional about publishing. So I'm told....

Yeah right. if it wasn't still exciting and fun, I don't think we'd still be doing it, you know?

In any case, the fact is that I picked up a small partial run of Double Vision late yesterday afternoon, and during a computer down-time caused by last evening's bands of thunderstorms we managed to sign a good number of them -- so on theory I ought to be getting the first few dozen pre-orders of Double Vision into the mail today, at which point the book really will be out. The cover is striking ... www.srmpublisher.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp

and I'm not sure if I get to run to Augusta to pick up the rest of them today, or not, since we're also working on other stuff -- like seeing if we can pick up Sharon's new-to-her set of wheels. I also today have to do the annual registration on my car and get some other real life thing in gear... and pick up the insurance thing proving coverage in Canada ... if you're driving to Worldcon, you ought to have this.