July 24th, 2009


Well then, watch the skies, briefly

Here it is raining, but there's a bright spot of news:

we'll be in Florida next year for Memorial Day weekend -- actually, for: Oasis 23, May 28th thru May 30th, 2010 in Orlando, FL, where
we'll be Literary Guests of Honor. 

So there, for those of you who say you'd come see us if we were at a nice regional con in the
south, start making plans, we'll be pleased to see you. If you can't hit Florida in May then we'll be in Naperville in June, for Duckon.

*And* our convention calendar for next year is near full, yessir. If you are with a convention committee considering asking us for next year, act quickly. If you are considering asking us for 2011 it isn't too early to start.  Srsly.

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