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it came out of the wordwork

Conflicted? Try Conflict of Honors, the original low-key Liaden story

this is a brief (or perhaps not so brief) reminder that Sharon's "clean out the file drawers" project we started with the auction of _Agent of Change_ continues over on EBay, this time around with  our original script of _Conflict of Honors_ up for grabs -- with this auction ending Friday afternoon at the unlikely time of 1 PM pacific time....

One of the interesting thigns about this book is that it was written before we'd sold _Agent of Change_, which means the original script still says it was by "Lee Miller"  .... Lee Miller was, you see, how we were going to avoid both the "girl cootie" problem and the "who really wrote this?" problem. Oh, you didn't know about that problem ... it has surfaced several times, most notably when Sharon was working for a newspaper and some of her colleagues (in speaking with each other) were heard to say that it was "really good that her husband let's Sharon put her name on his books"....

In this case, _Conflict of Honors_ started out as a short story Sharon was particularly interested in writing so she/we could explore Shan's strange person ... and it took us about 70000 words or so before we realized that you know, this may not be a short story, after all....

Sigh.  In any case that _Agent of Change_ manuscript we auctioned will, after taxes and eBay fees, cover our parking fees for WorldCon as well as gas to and fro, and we hope that _Conflict of Honors_ will help us cover the cat-sitting and a couple meals at the con.  We don't know how expensive it is to eat in Montreal, but we do recall the unexpected $200 dinner check for a quiet meal in a small, well recommended place in Toronto...

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More later, perhaps ....