July 21st, 2009


Tell them Steve sent you ...

I've been busily running around with my SRM Publisher hat on -- and working behind the scenes on some other neat stuff you'll need to Watch The Skies (TM)! to find out about  --  and I keep forgetting to mention my involvement here:

2009 Clarion West Write-a-thon

<a href="http://www.clarionwest.org/events/writeathon/2009"><img src="http://clarionwest.org/WATprogress2.gif" alt="2009 Clarion West Write-a-thon" style="border:0px;" width="500" length="150"></a>

Clarion West is where I got my first real taste of intensively living the writer's life; several of the story ideas I worked on there later evolved into things that *did* get published and some of the lessons I learned there are part of my every day. I mean, really, Clarion West is where I learned to love coffee of course, Clarion West *is* in Seattle.

So quick, you can get involved too, and help pay forward on the writing front. You can sponsor me, you can sponsor other writers. And you know I'm always working on a story, right? By the way, this year's write-a-thon ends on my birthday, so if you like you can save the $2 card-and-postage you send to me and drop it on the Clarion West workshop to help, or send them what you would have spent to buy me a coffee or a soda or a class of Chablis at Worldcon if you can't make it

Oh yeah ... thanks for all the support you've given us, too.

Ooops ... late for the office -- ride where's my coffee?

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