July 6th, 2009


Long weekend

It was a long weekend, and between the early rain and the discovery that the Double Vision revision had a major structural problem we didn't get to the ocean for the 4th of July weekend or fireworks, the first time that's happened in some years.  We also avoided the local fireworks, which are always super jammed and which would have had us standing in afield of mud with the crying kids and inevitable nervous dogs ...
nope, I do NOT trust your dog just because he's your dog.

The upshot of the long weekend is that I'm going to need more eyes on a new Double Vision proof, and I'll be spending some time sending out notes to folks telling them the book is, yes, late, and that it is, yes, my fault. I hate when that happens.

In other news, I've volunteered to help out at the SFWA dealers room table at Worldcon, so if you can't locate me otherwise, that's a place to start. We *do* have out hotel rooms; I hear from some people that they're still not sure where they'll be.  And yes, according to our hotel it will cost us close to $150 to $200 to park the car for a week -- so it's like renting an extra room one night.  Alas, getting to Montreal by train is much less convenient for us since we'd have to drive 6 hours to catch a train, and then take the train and etc,  or drive 5 3/4 hours to get to Montreal.

Breaking news: the reversion letters from Penguin (Ace) have just arrived here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory and are being forwarded to our agent. What this means is, basically, the Meisha Merlin era is now really over for us except perhaps for a few overseas non-English contracts. Finally.
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