June 19th, 2009


Rainy day weekend, rainy day assistance... if you have time

The Double Vision time-line has slipped a bit, in part because I've been distracted by some other necessary business and in part because my printers tell me they'll need extra time because they've been lucky enough to be expanding despite the zombie apocalypse that has hurt so many businesses in Maine. So, we're now looking to late June or early July for shipping .... sigh.

The other reason for delay is that I clearly underestimated prep time working with old "finished" files. It continues to amaze me how many artifacts of word processing and publishing programs survive multiple conversions to come back and haunt me. In this case, deep in a proof, I now find letters in red, added by a copy editor some years back. Gah ... which brings up part of the point of the post: I need a few more eyes on the not-quite-ready Double Vision file, despite that they are, everyone, derived from previously published material, most, supposedly from the publication files.

Sharon's working on the Mouse and Dragon submission revision now that I've gone over it -- and rather than distract her with Double Vision, I'm looking for a few readers who can take a PDF file and look it over this weekend in search of dropped paragraphs, missing pages, and the like. If you're interested, please drop me a line at editor1 (that's at srmpublisher.com ) ... depending on how many readers I get I may ask for help on a chapter basis or a front/back basis.... again, editor1 ( at srmpublisher.com )

And in view of this delay, we'll be running the Double Vision subscription offer at srmpublisher.com through Monday morning...