June 14th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Sunday is more like Rainday here

Yep, been raining since the overnight, and the birds begging food at the feeder are bedraggled at best...

Want to remind you all that:


is the page that talks about Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Day ... and that there's now a Facebook group for the idea (http://www.facebook.com/friends/?ref=tn#/group.php?gid=96106336820&ref=ts) as well as a bunch of folks promising to do bookstore promotions, library displays, and the like in support. The Facebook group has 248 members so far and there's more than a week to go.

Also, on Facebook -- imagine that, you can call me kinzel ... and thus find me at facebook.com/kinzel if you're so inclined.

Secrets of a Country Chef, #3
the blade of that wine knife-and cork-puller is perfect for puncturing the seals on oven-and-microwave TV dinners.... and, it works well on the wrap around the store-bought quiche as well. We had store bought quiche and a home-made salad for lunch, but since we're working we needed to skip the wine that often accompanies such a repast.