June 7th, 2009


Science Fiction Writers day ... and more

Sharon has proposed -- and announced -- a Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers day ...


if you like the idea, spread the word, help, and join us on the 23rd of June....

meanwhile, so some of you on Facebook know I'm looking to connect with friends, readers, and fans. Alas, I've been (sigh, automatics in gear, silly Facebook)apparently warned that I'm not properly using their system to find friends -- but no, I am *not* giving Facebook direct access to my email so they can search out my friends for me -- not sorry about not sharing this, thanks.

If you want to add yourself to the FoL list, or Flaran Cha'menthi, or Clan Korval and then find me and add me -- that'll work. I don't *think* they'll complain if people who connect to me instead of me connecting to them first.