June 5th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Distance...from my computer

Written via WiFi from the kitchen table -- because the usual ethernet connections run through Sharon's computer...which is in a place of great disarray.

Faced with an unexpected opportunity -- like a guy who works with a guy Sharon used to work with at the Sentinel, and the guy has a truck and worked in the same building that her new office table lived in, and the guy could easily drive out this way -- and knows all about the very brand of furniture Sharon's table is ... I say, faced with that, we ended up snatching an ice-cream and apple-pie snack and going into disruption mode. Connections were unconnected, networks were unnetted, and some piles were unpiled and some things became piles, and cats became discommoded to the point that several were retired to the bathroom while Mozart decided to turn his back on *activity* and watch the birds out the window while reclining in his hammock.

We moved cat-perches, moved the kitchen table and chairs, move the 10 ream paperbox that lives in the hallway and is both a catperch and the paper source for Sharon's printer. We shoved office chairs... and then, we said "this is it!"

So Sharon and I moved her 21 year-old computer desk-with-attached-hutch to the living room, carefully, at about 10 inches per lift-and-push. Eventually, after a cellphone check in --"Oh, *that* little turn-off road!" -- the new, LARGE, table was brought in and assembled, our drayman drove off, and ... it was too late to reassemble everything.

In the next month things should return to normal office wise, I guess. The cats have already admired *all the room* on top the new work area (and all the places to sit in the way beneath it!) ... and later, oh later, I'll see if I can correct the ethernet cable that is now 18 inches short... yes, we still prefer hardwired for our banking and direct to SRM Publishers-backroom connection.

Breakfast beckons. Coffee calls. cats ... want to be fed first ... and the flip of the coin is ... coffee first!
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