June 4th, 2009


Topless Coffee Shop ... Pre-InfoDump ... Fledgling ARC (requesting input!)... Pre-InfoDump

I see our buddies at CNN and have picked up the news about the Grandview Topless Coffee shop being burnt by an arsonist:


well then, I guess everyone in Augusta will go to Timmie's for their donuts, right?

Seriously -- I really dislike this creeping censorship stuff -- and we're just lucky as can be that the ambulance happened to be driving by and see the fire else up to seven people could have been killed by this arson. So please, do send the CNN link above to friends -- next it could be your town.

I guess this is a sort of pre-infodump as I sort my thoughts ...

Meanwhile, if you're on Facebook and are interested in matters Liaden it turns out that there are several groups, not mutually exclusive, dealing with our work. The groups: Friends of Liad and Flaran Cha'Menthi are the big ones, though there's also a smaller Liaden Universe World Tour group... feel free to join one or all, and *do* let your friends who read the Liaden books know, too. You'll see among the group members of all three. We have an "extra" (and very pretty!) Fledgling ARC -- that's advance reading copy -- we hope to give away this month. How should we get this book out there? Raffle? Contest? Auction?

Montreal -- WorldCon .. who wants to help plan an FoL breakfast? Maybe a Friends of Liad run to a local Italian restaurant (I know, go to Montreal and look for Italian? Bit it'll be different Italian than we get in Waterville or Albany, Boston, I betcha!) Will there be enough people going for a Friends of Liad party/suite/ fan table? See the groups above as well as the Friends of Liad mailing list and let's start talking -- Anticipation is barely two months away!