May 30th, 2009


Stuff about Balticon

Balticon --

so Balticon had luck: one young man had his shoe torn off his foot by the escalator, but was unscathed otherwise... of course that meant downtime for the escalator and made quite a few fans seek elevators or avoid the lower level for awhile...

If you're interested, Kathryn Cramer's posted a number of photos from Balticon --

The second line of images has a couple from the anthology panel I'd proposed -- I can't figure out why none of us volunteered to take David Hartwell's photo, since he was the photog on that series, at least ... Lawrence Schoen was the third on the late evening panel, which was quite lively and informative, though being an add-on to the program list it was lightly attended.

More later -- am looking for art for the James Hetley chapbook we're tentatively scheduling for October.