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it came out of the wordwork

(no subject)
The trip to Balticon put 1557 miles on the Subaru's odometer and ran quite a few gallons of gas through the gas tank ...and after all that I didn't even win with the PowerBall tickets I bought there! ...

I did a visit with family, a visit with friends, and I had a great con people-wise. The dealers room part of the con was odd for me since Glennis of The Missing Volume was hosting my 3/4 of a table; I did the set-up and the refills and some signing but had more chance to get to panels (both as a participant and as observer) than I usually do when being a dealer. I *do* need to get an SRM Publisher banner or flag or something ....

I found the heat a bit much my first couple days back in the Baltizone; on the other hand the trip back was good, with rain and wind giving way after a few hours to a good overcast that made driving comfortable ... I missed my usual Perkins stop on the way home but i did manage one on the way down, so I guess that's a wash.

I have about three dozen business cards, bookmarks, scattered notes, and such as reminders of people I met/need to talk to/ need to respond to/ want to send things to/ and etc ... now if I can just get organized...