May 15th, 2009


Progress, we haz it! Work, work, work...

This morning I did one more pass on the Saltation manuscript, eliminating those pesky smart quotes, and then sent copies to Toni at Baen, and to our agent. Out the door! Whee...

On the home front, mail, with a very modest check from the sale of German rights to Plan B among the stack of car insurance ads. If I shop carefully, my check'll cover food for the week!

My BaltiCon schedule is firming -- will I see you there? Looks like I'll have a busy Saturday afternoon and evening on the program front. I'm expecting to be there through the end of the con on Monday, Labor Day. If there's not a schedule conflict you may see me at the Baen slide show... and if you're up to breakfast, perhaps Monday morning would be good!

On the SRM Publisher front, I got to read the story that came in yesterday -- yessir -- watch for news, this one is a winner! We hope to get it out in time for Christmas.

And really -- I have to go to the office and I have to go food shopping.

And now:

National train footage: