May 8th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Sun? For how long?

Sunny this morning, which is good, thought the ground is still too damp for me to go do a tree census. Thanls for those of you who wrote here or in email with tree books suggestions. We decided that, given the current zombie apocalypse, we better just borrow some books from the library, which I have done. More on that later ....

Still calling for rain or chance of showers through Monday night ... May showers bring May mud -- you can count on it.

Yesterday I stayed home, working on Saltation... and in the midst of pouring rain we ended up with truck, truck, truck, including the new monitors for the office, a Smekday something or other book for Sharon, and the replacement router for the office.. which got delivered here as the old address of record -- go figure. At least I was here to keep it dry.

I'll go in for a short while today but may not have time to finagle the new router and all ...

Also yesterday, I got the electronic files of a chapbook project I'm hoping to have out in October. Looks like a busy few weeks coming up.

Saltation - finished rewiring a very difficult section which had to move from here to there in order to make a timing change work. We'll hope. This should have been done last week, and now time presses, alas.

This morning I'm: watering the cats, cooking chicken so we'll have some for the weekend writing extravaganza, looking over the the grocery list for when I come home from work, catching up on some email, printing some orders, finding socks that match, and maybe cutting a tomato so I can have a salad for lunch at work.

The day lily grounds are looking good; the tree that was dying last year is now dead and that means the lily-spot will have full sun. Zoom!

Yes, coffee. had some, will have some more.

Question for the masses: has the H1N1 virus affected your travel plans short term, midterm, or long term?

and just in case you got used to that toobie thing, a rerun:

which is the Buzzy Multimedia video including a bit of Michael Shanks reading from Local Custom ...