May 6th, 2009


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Sun came up early, but it was behind clouds. No matter: sunup means the guns can go off, near and far. Spring turkey season is here. The weather -- looks like a chance of rain every day for the next week, or at least through next Monday guess we'll have some wet hunters. The local farmers have been spraying their fields with manure, so we may well have some smelly wet hunters.

Since I mentioned that there was a gay marriage bill in Maine and lots of out-of-staters explaining to us that the sanctity of their marriage was in danger from it, I thought I should mention that the bill has passed both House and Senate ... which doesn't make it a done deal, but it is much closer:

This evening we visit a local writing class; I'll get some writing in this morning, do a bit of work down to the office, come back for an early dinner, and go out to the class. I could easily have a 2 county, 5 town day, looks like.

Can anyone suggest a preferred tree-ID book? Some of these leaves are hard to tell apart and we're deciding which of the saplings should go and which should grow in the fringes of lawn we're allowing to go unmowed.

Oh, and have you seen the stickynote waterfalls and other such:

the mother lode is at --

and then for you car-and-driver types, watch this, it'll make your accelerator foot twitch:

There, now that I've brought American productivity to a standstill, have a nice day.
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