May 4th, 2009

Second Life

Still working on some stuff

Not going in to the SRM office today, sticking close to home.

OK -- anyone out there need/want some Claritin and/or generic equivalent? We've got some here we're removing from the house since we *both* get jitters and moody when we take it. Today is a pretty bad allergy day and the idea was to hit it early, as a preventative strike ... but geesh. Me, I'm not having a good track record with these things.

Elsewise today, Theo and I are talking. Not getting a lot of these final patches done quickly, but talking, so Saltation moves on -- fuzzy allergy fighting brain doesn't help.

The neighbors across the street are remodeling their house and adding a garage. Can you say noise and traffic in the country? makes taking that contemplative morning walk even iffier -- construction noise *and* turkey season ... maybe i stay in and talk with the cats.

Oh yeah, I forgot -- here's that link: ... which is the link to the youtube final installment of the Buzzy Multimedia interview .... which ought to be looking tubelike beneath here ...

Still working on Balticon .. .sigh; so everyone seems to be having travel doubts. Me, if they'll tell me I can have a table in the dealer's room, I'll be there. Without the table I probably can't afford the weekend. Gah! on the checks that are in the mail.

OH right, if you visit our SRM Piblisher shop on Publishing Island in Second Life you can get a note card with the youtube links on it... thanks gang!

Final note on the day ... I think we started waking up with the cats around 5 AM today ... you see, the cats use the sunlight as a measure of starting the day and this time of the year .. it gets sunny here early. Two things going on: one is that we are fairly far north, and the other is that we're in a spot that should actually be in the timezone to our right. Long days in the summer, yessir!