April 29th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

Not another rubber tree

Not another rubber tree....
but another installment, the sixth, in the ongoing appearance here on Journeyman of the Stellarcon 2009 interview of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller by Buzzy Multimedia

The youtube link


and toob-blob

Elsewise, Saltation has my attention today until time for the haircut, and then later again.

Finches at the finch feeder today. Imagine.

PS .. do share the links above .. .and, since this question keeps coming up, YES!

most of our Liaden books are available for the Kindle and Kindle 2 ...

the links -- http://www.webscription.net/t-kindle.aspx
where you can find out how to use the Kindle(s) with Baen webscriptions

and our books can be found listed --
where you can find various books and bundles of books, available now.

Also? If you like to read on your Iphone ... you'll find a link to those directions at the webscription site.

Oh, and there's still a few more days and a few more books for our Beat The River Promotion ...