April 24th, 2009


The StellarCon Buzzy Multimedia Interview, continued: #3

If you've been following along at home and didn't get ahead of us, here's a link:


To the tube-turn below ....


today is going to be a hard day to stay in: sky is clear blue, a nice breeze -- just about enough to set the wind chimes to singing -- and we're looking for temps in the upper 60s. Maybe I'll get out and do some cat and bird food shopping before I come back to get Theo into another jam -- one you haven't seen yet.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to have us to sign a copy of Double Vision for you ... you can help make that happen by ordering today ... and if you *do* order today you'll help me decide which of the hotels we'll be in at Worldcon since I've been putting that decision off. Double Vision info is here: