April 23rd, 2009


Part Two from the StellarCon interview, a request, and more

To start with -- Topic One on the week

a link that reaches the same interview pictured below:


as previously mentioned, feel free to share these with friends and fans and the world at large.

Topic Two

I figure that (over time) we've signed close to 100,000 objects with our names on them -- books, chapbooks, bookmarks, postcards, shirts and t-shirts, audio-books, e-book samplers, mugs, convention programs, bar coasters, tote bags, manuscript and typescripts, and, and... and, a Pepsi can. We've signed these things at conventions in several countries and numerous states, and at libraries large and small, bookstores, our house in Maine, on trains, at our former rented townhouse in Maryland, restaurants, hotel bars, and at book talks to writing classes, and ... in a parking lot of a mall in New Hampshire during a cat exchange.

So,we're not against autographs, OK? Saying that, let me tell you that it is best for us if we have warning, especially if you would like books signed in your absence. I mention this because we regard it as really, really bad form for people to send us their treasured objects without warning, and without regard to what else we may be doing. Understand that we could be on the road for several weeks (it does happen) and your package might be returned without us seeing it. Consider that the address you have might be for an out-dated Post Office box ... and that, since you saved money by sending the treasures Media Mail, we'd have to pay postage just to find out what it is -- or we'd need to refuse it.

Please, email us if you think you want to do this -- and I'll tell you plainly, we have declined to do this in past because of scheduling and other issues. Do not assume it'll be OK, and don't just mail away. Please. Thank you.

Topic Three

we have seen the future ... at least an image of a book cover due out later -- and we hope to be able to show it off here RSN ... in fact, you can see a low rez version now. The book cover in question is for the upcoming German edition of Plan B, whats got itself a new name. You can follow this link to see it ...



Topic Four

It is a mizzily gray day. I ought not be tempted away from the computer for some time, so I'll say hello to Theo and Win Ton for you.

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