April 21st, 2009

Lord Black Cat


Hexapuma decided to practice commando attacks at the bottom of the bed starting around 5:30; by 5:45 he'd launched himself -- and everything else -- off the chest at the bottom of the bed so thoroughly that we both discovered a previously unrealized need to get up before the alarm went off.

So much for me using the drizzly grizzly morning for an excuse to turn over for another hour of sleep.

I am, however, in a spot where I find doing story and doing office conflict. Maybe an extra half-hour of wake will provide insight to this problem. In search of wake, coffee is on way.
Lord Black Cat

And so someone tells me ... and tells me again.

I'm told people won't click on ordinary links ... by someone who should know. I'm told that people *will* click and watch if they see a tube thingie in front of them. How about that?

So: here's the first of the Buzzy Multimedia interview segments that you may not have watched yet, the rest will follow over time, tubed right on your screen here:

Do feel free to pass this on to friends, neighbors,librarians, science fiction fans and convention committees, comic and game geeks; also to grant and literary award groups, bookstore owners and workers, and maybe to publishers in France, Spain, Japan, China, and India; perhaps even to high school teachers and college creative writing professors, and folks from Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, the Maine Festival of the Book, and your favorite blogger. BTW -- if you fall into one of those groups above or forward this to someone in one of those groups above, please feel free to drop a note here, just because.

It used to be said that, when it came to PR, "ink is ink" and I wonder now if that's become "links is links?" Gah, is there a good way to say "tubes is tubes"?
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