April 12th, 2009


Great morning ...

We slept with the window open last night and this morning woke to the sounds of wind in the trees, birds, and wind chimes, and the room at a comfortable 65 degrees. Hexapuma realized I was awake, demanded scritches, fell against me purring and doing cat stars with his huge Maine Coon cat feet ... and put us all back to sleep!

As to normal sounds, we live in the country, pretty much, so some mornings we wake to (seasonally) the roar of chainsaws,snowmobiles, ATVs, log trucks, garden tractors or tillers. Often we have the sound of the nearby shooting range, with the rattle tattle of semi-automatics, or the pre-hunting season shotguns, and times come that they are combined with the sound of chopping, or cattle noises, which are hardly all of the "moo" variety. Birds, too. Some mornings the birds are raucous, with crows screaming at each other and blue jays echoing them and tweet of red wings and ... but today we had a quiet and serene oriental garden of a morning.

Happy day, for whatever day you're celebrating.
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