April 10th, 2009


A little help from our friends, 2.0

Amended* -- the listing is to be removed ... so what's below is only part of what was orignally here ....


I don't know what stupidity this is, but TSCbooks -- see someone with a bad idea and a bad sense of timing -- claims to be selling a copy of Fledgling for $1000.

This company is offering something that shouldn't exist. If they have it, you shouldn't buy it. The book isn't due until this summer, and if this is some kind of a leaked pre-production copy, it shouldn't be on sale. If it is something that they constructed themselves from our web serialization, then it shouldn't be available either.

So, we're complaining. TSCbooks, if you think this is a good joke, please explain it. Carefully.

*I have amended this to take down the link to the former amazon listing of this book; we've been informed that the listing was in error.

Note to Liaden readers, fans, and friends: if you come to us at Worldcon asking us to sign a Fledgling you bought in the spring we'll be more than a little disappointed.