April 4th, 2009



So we've been watching gas prices creep north again; I saw a single station at $1.999/gallon the pther day, the rest are around $2.02 or $2.04 with one as high as $2.09 ...

and then I heard about:

*(I have no stock in this or any other auto company mentioned herein)

http://bgelectriccars.com/c100.html getting closer!

also checked out these guys again.




We'd need to be living in town for an electric car to be practical. So all we need to do is sell some movie rights for a decent sum, right, and then move to a Portland suburb.


Portland's sounding possible, except not right now in that it's about 77 miles one way from Sharon's job on Mayflower Hill. No way a commute and 6 gallons of gas a day would fit into the current time-and-money budget.