March 31st, 2009



Time ... means something different to the folks at Really.

We've seen several different on-sale dates for Longeye in April (by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, if there was any doubt) ... and we find today that Amazon is apparently shipping the book, and this is March -- or has shipped it and needs more -- or .. .well, anyway, they are accepting reviews and folks are reporting that they're able to order it with nearterm delivery dates.

So, go thou and buy this book ...
if you haven't already, and if you're on of those readers who hates to buy a book before knowing the next one is coming out --- this *is* the next one -- so buy this and Duainfey (which preceded it), both on sale at amazon and at your favorite genre shop or bookseller as well. Tell you friends to do the same thing .. .because it won't be long before we're pitching "next books" to Toni there at Baen, and it would be a *good thing* if these non-Liaden books showed strong so that the next Liaden contract(s) are well-supported.

Meanwhile, were you or someone you know at StellarCon? Got pictures of us there? We don't -- and we'd like to. True, we're waiting with bated breath for the Buzzy Multimedia interviews to get online, but before that happens, we'd still like some shots from the con if you have them to share.