March 30th, 2009

Lord Black Cat


Right, I haven't posted any of those pesky dayfiles lately...

this first thing --

got my attention because it sounds like a a cool science fictional idea .. .and the lead scientist in question is Jordin Kare, known in fannish circles as a witty filker. I was on a panel with him at Boskone where he alluded to the cool things the company he is working with is doing. Wheee.... science is fun again.

And there was this story about a writer's view of the world (in an interview by the BBC) ... which I figure would not have been published by mainstream press in the US --

...The Rolling Stones as religious music is good....

And I forget why I put this on the page, but I was working ...

Theo's move forward was slowed by Veradantha's smooth not a problem hand motion. Wil, meanwhile, jerked forward, glaring over at Theo.

And then there's a couple of these railroad thingies:


want and *need* adventure? -- travel by rail --

So yes, other things have been going on

Today is a bit disjointed --

so far I've posted yesterday's short dayfile, updated the SRM Publisher catalog pages as mentioned in depth in ... and I've made an appointment to meet with an author about a chapbook on Wednesday, I've made an appointment for Hexapuma at the vet for this afternoon, I've washed some of the dishes, scritched three cats, got an appointment for tax guy for tomorrow, read a few blogs, and ... and ... and it isn't noon yet.

In case you don't collect the SRM Publisher blog, the SRM catalog pages have been updated and now include *two* varieties of Local Custom read by Michael Shanks of StarGate fame...

Looks like I'll get into the office tomorrow and Wednesday, after that it may be a concentrate on Theo week and weekend coming up.
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Did I mention Filedby to you guys?

There's a new link-to-me kid in town and somehow Sharon is making waves. The thing is, this start-up offers all the writers in the US and Canada a place to have a sort of web presence. And Sharon mentioned in in her blog, because, in part, she thought that such an innovation wasn't really needed -- but you see, you have to "claim" your page, if you're a writer, else someone else could, I gather.

I went to and as I type I see that Sharon is currently listed as Most Viewed author, somewhat ahead of J.K. Rowling, Sara Nelson, and Stephanie Meyer. I don't see my name in the most viewed list -- but see, they don't seem to have a good way for co-authors to to sign in together.

by the way, Sharon's original blog post about this is ...

And away we go ...