March 26th, 2009

New bird

Springlike ... and on being a BOF

With snow coverage at home around 30% or so today I'm guessing we'll still have a pocket or two come April 1. Not sure anyone will see an April 1 report from here , however, between the anticipated virus -- -- and my growing distaste for the (often tasteless) stupidities of April Fools day.

My reaction to April Fools Day casts me as a Boring Old Fart for sure, but it really isn't funny when millions of people try to outdo each other in sending false information, calling others names, and acting silly. That's a normal day, and we call it life. Then April 1 comes around the floodgates open when the clue-light show off their wit. I, for one, avoid Locus Magazine Online in April and ... well, maybe I'll only do email on April 1, which this year is on Wednesday which makes it an anything can happen day, anyway.

So there -- I'm a Boring Old Fart -- I don't think Over The Hill parties are funny. I don't think much of what passes for sitcom humor is funny. And I don't think being absurd on April 1 is magically funny.


Today's plan is to go into the office in the morning, get stuff done, sign some books for a couple of bookstores (Mysterious Galaxy will *so* have Longeye in stock with our signature!) and have them ready for Sharon to sign when she gets off works and stops by, pack those books, and take them to the PO for ship-out, in late afternoon. Gosh ... sounds like work. I'll also do some talking to Theo as I'm moving boxes around, if she'll say anything to do me other than stamp her feet and demand that I not cut that scene where ... oh well, we shall see.

Yesterday our minion stopped by and proceeded to rearrange and count books so we might have a running inventory that I can then get in to the software so we have a closer approximation for the catalog .... wheee! We hope she'll be back today for another bout of book-pushing.

Oh yeah, Constellation Books reports they have Longeye in stock --see them at --
303 Main St.
Reisterstown, MD 21136

I'll note that Lauretta's shop is about 100 feet south from where we, as Bookcastle and Dreamsgarth, had our 2nd bookstore... and about a mile north of our first one. Go Lauretta!
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