March 25th, 2009


I'm off ... but only after scritching the cats

I'm off, but you knew that.

This morning I'll be in to the office early; I snarfed up a new printer (actually a multifunction thingie) on sale late last week and need to unpack and install it. Wish me luck -- I may end up having to put windows back on one of the office boxes or old laptops to make it run in the short term... boo, hiss.

Also on tap today, some cardboard box crushing, some packing and shipping, some ... some fun, eh? The morning is nippy but blue-skyed, so that's all good.

The cats have finally relaxed. They were quite nervous for a couple days after we got back from StellarCon but now are back to a routine which allows us a place to put our feet when we walk. Understand that when Hexapuma is doing the cat-underfoot he makes a formidable barrier, yes.

May check in from the office; we shall see.

Meanwhile several people have forwarded this and related articles to us. Thanks Kate, I think you were first, and this is the most recent...

in which our names appear. Cool! If *you* happen to see things like this, do feel free to let us know.

Don't know if we'll be able to get to the Nauticats cat cat show put on by the Portland area TICA group... ... the show itself will be not in Portland or the Old Orchard Beach area but in Lewiston, which is about an hour closer to us...

And I'm studying BaltiCon with an eye to attending, especially if SRM can get some table space. Not sure Sharon will be able to come, alas.

And now, a round of phone calls before I launch myself toward Waterville.