March 23rd, 2009


Snow ... but not much

Really, I got up today with the outside temps around 12 degrees (F) and ... it was snowing, in the form of flurries, with a very brisk & chill wind. Off and on spits of snow since, then a short and ugly squall, and back to half-blue skies. I'm told some of the folks upcountry had snow yesterday ... if it snowed here (even flurries) I had my head glued to the computer and missed it...

Meanwhile, the Cat Farm looks to be about 75 percent snow-covered still, with the bulk of that in the woods and dells behind while the front, led by the driveway, is getting clearer by every hour the temp goes above freezing .. which is not today, so far.

There's a bunch of detail work in process if not in progress, some for Lee & Miller, some for SRM Publisher in the real world, some for SRM in Second Life. I'm afraid our inworld expansion and efforts got side-tracked during the move but we're getting some stuff moving now, assisted unexpectedly by the doings on Publishing Island where one of the big guys of SL pubbing is expanding. That means there's a new SRM shop (thanks in largest measure to Shawna) on Book Island ... if you're in SL you can check it out by using the classifieds. Due to the unexpected events making the new store necessary right now we have *4* SRM locations in Second Life ... whee! Remember to IM Elan Neruda if you're inworld -- and if you have a reportorial bent there's no reason you can't sue your journalistic skills to mention FoL, SRM Publisher, the Science Fiction Rangers and other such for one of the inworld rags.

Also ... while decorating the L&M homestead in SL yesterday ... I accidentally disappeared the house. Whoa ... a few tense moments putting it back in around all the furniture and the fancy rug.

Snowed again for a burst of about three minutes ... oh look, one forecaster says:
Partly sunny. A slight chance of snow showers this afternoon. Highs in the upper 20s. North winds around 15 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of snow 20 percent.

Back later if I get a chance -- we worked this weekend -- what did you do?