March 14th, 2009


In brief, after breakfast at StellarCon

So ... did very little on the web yesterday since we were doing official things and partying and etc ...

We lucked into a great group for lunch, starting with the premise that we (me and Sharon) were going to find something outside within walking distance and ending up eating in the hotel's "bistro" with a blend of traveling and local fans. A break then to change into more official duds and then, set for the day, Barbara Karpel helped me get the table in the dealer's room set up next to The Missing Volume... we saw the folks from Buzzy Multimedia so it started to feel a lot like home with all the familiar faces, a feeling that only increased when a subdued but smiling John Ringo showed up in the neighborhood.

Mt first panel became another instance of "Steve Miller, Panel" when Hank Davis turned out to have been double-scheduled and stuck with the Space Opera and Mike Pedersen's back prevented his afternoon presence while I carried small press forward. A stint in the dealers room was followed by Opening ceremonies which were nicely done with a theme of Whatever Happened to The World of Tomorrow...and then we went on a whirlwind tour of parties with stops at the con suite, the Barflies, 1984 part hosted by Capclave (where we both, oddly enough, rolled the dice individually, got different numbers and ended up as Delta's with our (oooh, shiny!) gold beads--, and then more walks and talks about the con. Alas, the dance was too loud for our old ears, so after a quick peek we returned to talking and smoffing in parties a little quieter, with the con suite's chicken and rice being a lifesaver when we realized we'd forgotten dinner amid the hubbub.

I note that it started raining shortly after the con committee met us at the train station at 1 AM Friday morning and it hasn't stopped since. Oh, and did I tell you that we share the hotel with most of the teams of a woman's college basketball tournament?
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