March 11th, 2009


North Carolina here we come

The day started with the cats first trying to convince me to sleep in; and I was good for that after a peek at the weather...snow, sleet, wind ... and I headed back to bed. Sharon was up for the duration though, which roused the cats, ... and Hexapuma decided I was being slugabed and sat on my feet, the while declaiming in his inimitable Maine Coon yowl ... so up and had coffee and breakfast with Sharon.

So ... now firmly awake, the day came rushing by. Finished packing, did some webwork, went to town briefly to the PO (in the snow which changed to sleet which changed to rain) and also got some birdfood ... and arrived home for lunch to discover that we were *so* out of bread, so I took the last of the garlic chicken and thawed an English muffin I discovered hiding behind the cod in the freezer ... and had lunch with a three-pack of cats swirling about, telling me that Mom always gave them garlic chicken drenched in herbs, yes.

The short of it was that the weather cooperated enough that by the time Sharon got home the roads were mostly clear even if the air continued to get thicker and thicker to the point that on the Maine Turnpike and I-295 the fog and the road were about what we could see.

We'd planned ahead to eat before we got on the train and so we ended up at Espos Trattoria, (just up Congress Street from the AMTRAK station) where we fed very well indeed, and could have taken home three meal's worth of leftovers, if only we'd been heading home.

Then to the station, where WIFI failed us but where had drama to watch, sigh, and then to the train where we are currently the only business class passengers, and where the WIFI is coming in at 98% with me sitting just behind the WIFI-feed. We have the first two passenger seats on the train.

Tonight to Boston, in the morning the train out of South Station takes us to NYC where we pick up the train to Stellarcon ... tomorrow will put a lot more miles on our AMTRAK log.

More later? Oh, yeah -- how many of you have your hotel reservations for WorldCon? I forgot and didn't get ours yet... maybe if there's downtime I'll grab some over the net this trip.
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