March 10th, 2009


Saltation Podcast

As promised some time back (isn't RSN a useful time-frame?) we have the first installment of Saltation, rough-draft podcast. No, the podcast isn't rough, but the weekly posting will be from the rough draft and not the (still being worked on) final draft.

Long time Liaden fan Charlie Schlenker is providing voice, Sam Chupp has arranged hosting and support and the image you see here, and starting next week the podcast will go live on ... Mondays, instead of Monday evening as it did this time.

Please feel free to spread the word!
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Quiet day on the internets?

Looking forward to this weekend, I wonder if any FoL going to StellarCon is ... let us say reasonably familiar with ... Canon Vixia cameras? I have one available to me (I think it says HDV 30) and am considering occasional video podcasts but I am so far away from movies ... the last video camera I operated was a portable betamax, IIRC ... that I could use an in person refresher....most of these manuals assume you've been doing this for years, I think.

This camera is apparently old-style since it uses tapes instead of a card, so in theory I guess it is related to the old betamax I was using ... but that camera was about the size of a quarter of a railroad tie on my shoulder, and weighed that much, too.

Talking technologically, I just had my first two real demonstrations of smartphones being used smartly. So, anyone out there have experience with the android driven G1 from T-Mobile?
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