March 8th, 2009

Lord Black Cat

AKICIF -- or, I need my auxiliary memory units about chess in science fiction

OK crew ...

there's not much time for me to research this week in the face of writing and travel schedules, so I need to call on my auxiliary memory units on the web. Many of you know that Shan is a chess player, though we don't see him rushing off to play very often ... but Shan is not the only chess playing SF character and I'm not the only chess playing sf writer --- GRRM was once a tournament player, for example... as was Alexis Gilliland.

So ... was it a Poul Anderson book or a Robert Heinlein book in which the arch enemy commits suicide in part because of a chess position? Any other chess-playing characters you recall?

And ... here's our schedule so far for StellarCon ... you'll see why I asked...

05:00 PM Space Opera: What It Is and What It Ain't Sharon
05:00 PM Small Press Publishing SF and why it isn't and can't be science Steve
06:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
08:00 PM Chess with Steve Miller

02:00 PM Reading: Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, from Longeye
05:00 PM Liaden Universe (R), a Short History Sharon and Steve
08:00 PM Are Current Trends in SF Losing Male Readers? Sharon, Moderator
08:00 PM “No S**t! There I was...” Steve

02:00 PM World/Culture Building Sharon and Steve
03:00 PM Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?/GOH final word

Watch for us around the con -- look for us at the art show, and in the dealer's room, behind the SRM Publisher table.