March 4th, 2009


A day of sections: updated with a new section

So I may update this in sections through the day...

After a strange dream involving leopards and tree climbing big cats woke me I around 4:45 I managed to get back to sleep, rousing when Sharon rose ... and again when the big-cats Hexapuma and Mozart both used me as a launching pad to see what ti was that Sharon was doing ...

So up, checked some mail and some news, to see another more or less local convenience store has folded -- that's about 4 in the last month. Then coffee and breakfast, and talk with Sharon who is now off to Colby, the temperature at -14 F when she left -- I swear it didn't feel any colder than zero, but that's because the wind is calm. So now to sorting paperwork and seeing which bills need to be mailed before we leave for StellarCon next week. On the weekend past our catsitter met Hexapuma and pronounced him a big-handsome-fellow, which he agreed with wholeheartedly, so *that's* set for next week too...

And after a reader alerted us to a review of Longeye in Locus on Monday, I managed to retrieve our copy of the 'zine from the PO yesterday. Lukewarm, the review, and well-hey, we can always use the "As Seen in Locus!" as an advertising gambit I guess. I wonder if the reviewer saw the finished book or was working from the draft, considering that the book is not yet out ... always hard to tell

More later, maybe ... after I finish paper-sorting and get into the office for more of the same.


Not yet in the office, since I'm still sorting paperwork and tracking slips...
but If you're the kind of person who reads books on computers -- or who is willing to print one out ... here's something new -- Pyr has released a Sean Williams fantasy in pdf .... I do warn that this is the first book in a new series, so there may well be some wait time involved ...
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Second Life

Plans always changing

Meant to do this earlier this year ... so here's in effect a bunch of questions for those of you who have tracked our writing ....

Below is a list of stories that could be included in the upcoming
Double Vision collection ...
anyone not see a story by one or both of us that ought to be included?

NOT EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST WILL MAKE THE FINAL CUT, WE EXPECT ... we'll probably be trying to keep the book to the size of Liaden Universe Companion #2

Ginger and the Bully of Lower gate Court S. Lee
The Big Ice S. Lee
The Cat’s Job S. Miller
Coffee Cat S. Lee
Charioteer S. Miller
A Matter of Ceremony S. Lee
The Girl, the Cat, and the Deviant S. Lee
The Inventoried S. Miller
The Afterimage S. Lee
Rain Day S. Miller
The Handsome Prince S. Lee
Choices S.Miller
Cards S.Lee
Stolen Laughter S. Lee
Master of The Winds S. Lee
Passionato S. Lee
The Solution S. Miller
The Pretender S. Lee
The Silver Pathway S. Lee
Stormshelter S. Lee
The Naming of Kinzel S. Lee and S. Miller
Kinzel The Innocent S. Lee and S. Miller
Kinzel The Arbiter S. Lee and S. Miller
And Hawks for Heralds S. Miller
The Winter Consort S. Lee
Candlelight S. Lee and S. Miller
The Year They Brought The Bears to Belfast S. Lee
Master Walk S. Lee and S. Miller