March 2nd, 2009


Well now .... imagine that. Snow, In Maine...

While we were expecting snow, again, and even birds at the feeders, what I wasn't expecting was:

my first red wing blackbird of the spring. Yep, and the blue jays were backing off, because apparently the blackbirds don't take trash talk from blue jays, even solo. Now, I've seen a group of the red wings and jays are yelling more often than usual...

Out the window to my left as I type are is a vague green-white camo-pattern that is the snow in the evergreens, seen through the snow that is falling. The quick eye catches the gray-front, the slow eye catches the blue of the jays; also out there waiting for a turn at the feeding stations -- juncos, Mr. and Ms. Cardinal, and a bunch of the near anonymous birds in winter plumage that look like finches or sparrows or warblers or kinglets or phoebes or tit mice (tit mouses?) or the like. Standing and looking down I can see some of the ground birds hopping among the lower branches; flashing by are chickadees -- I wonder, are they really *that* fast or do they merely appear to moves faster than the other birds?

So there, the morning is crowned and crowded with birds and I will not be going to the office today, alas.
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Among the things authors are not responsible for ...

So, you hard-core hardback book readers ...

Can you tell me if *all* Baen hardcovers are the same width and height? If so is this a size you see in hardbacks from Tor or Daw or .... anyone else?

Odd question, you say? Well, gee, but see, the newest thing we, as authors, have been accused of is of being responsible for the fact that Duainfey ... and I assume Longeye as well, will not fit in a custom bookcase designed to house Lee & Miller books from Meisha Merlin.

And you know, just as we can't order a publisher to publish a book only in trade paper (of a certain size), or only in mass market, or first in hardback and then in three ring binders; we don't control the form factor of the style of book a publisher goes for.

Right -- see Duainfey is (according to Amazon, who/which may know) 9 x 5.9 x 1.2 inches ... while a sample from the Meisha Merlin years, say Balance of Trade, they tell us is 8.5 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches. No, wait, the advertent reader may want to get a ruler out -- because my copy of Duainfey seems to measure 9.5 X 6.5 X ... hey wait, that's a full inch taller! Not only that, but Stars, the anthology, runs larger than Meisha Merlin books but not as tall as Duainfey ... and Amazon's ruler-crew says it is ...9.2 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches ....

And you know what? It is NOT OUR FAULT (as authors )that book sizes are not standard. But really, how many hardcover sizes are there on your shelves, anyway? Are all Baen books the same size? Does Baen use this form factor to make their books stand tall?
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