February 24th, 2009



Recently we ordered a dozen different name badge ribbons, mostly in units of 125s, for upcoming conventions. More details after they arrive ... which should be in time for StellarCon, I'm promised, even if they did have plan in a premium shipping to meet my deadline.

Yesterday I spoke with a local embroidery company to see if they can duplicate or at least replicate the nice denim and twill Liaden shirts we had made some years back. If they can, we'll need volunteers or signs of interest ... the same company may be able to do some t-shirts ... while the Cafe Press store is fun, they can't do quite the level of personalization we hope to achieve. On the other hand ... http://www.cafepress.com/srmpublisher ... the Cafe press shop is up and running and these other projects are not likely to happen until after StellarCon.

Also (you'll see a pattern) I;d asked for folks coming to StellarCon before .. .but never managed to see if anyone or group wants to oversee a Liaden Universe party... or help with the sales table we've been offered since we'll also be doing programs part of the weekend.... you can talk to me offlist at my newly updated catwhisker.net email address of research@ ... thanks!
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