February 22nd, 2009


Mixed grill: The cardinals are in the trees, except the one that's decked... and a weather precis:

At last sighting we had a couple cardinals in the trees outside my window -- but there was one on the deck who fled quickly when I renewed the bird food. I'm planning on several refills today because ... well, here, a precis of the upcoming weather:

Sunday -- A chance of snow this morning... Occasional snow in the evening...then snow showers after midnight. Areas of blowing snow. Snow may be heavy at times. Visibility one quarter mile or less at times. Additional snow accumulation of 12 to 16 inches; Monday -- Mostly cloudy. Snow showers likely in the morning...then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Total snow accumulation of 12 to 18 inches. Monday Night -- Snow showers likely ....

Click for Waterville, Maine Forecast

Yesterday, an early breakfast at the Butcher's Block on the Waterville/Fairfield border and then a trip to the office, where Sharon signed a lot of things while I was getting packing materials together for what I thought would be a big Monday mailing.... but, see weather, above. Just because Argent the official I Dare Subaru usually can get through doesn't mean we need to go challenging snow plows on their home drifts, so to speak. The Butcher's Block is pleasant enough place and we've been there a few times for dinner with traveling fen; this time we needed a break from Tim Horton's since Timmie doesn't do a wide range of breakfasts and we've been using the local Tim's as a pressure valve of sorts. If you visit the area you can do much worse for local food than the Butcher's Block. Also yesterday, found s few more books that have been added to the SRM catalog page at http://www.srmpublisher.com ... and have marked seven or eight boxes that haven't been opened since I got them and which appear to be double or triple-taped, so they may well not carry what the label says. More news on what I find, later.

Boskone notes continued -- did I mention seeing long-time Liaden fan and local bookstore junkie Farwing at Boskone? She accompanied me to Penfield's on Friday to retrieve some books that I'd shipped to myself at the hotel. I used to travel with a hand cart, but this time I was without, and was dealing with tendinitis to boot, so her schlepping a couple boxes was really good. As a result, she snagged one of the 4 copies of Duainfey in mass market at the con ... I hope that's not what's been keeping her up late at nights! It was only after I'd got her help with the carrying that I realized my wheeled duffel would work as a hand cart -- why is it that we don't see what's in front of us sometimes?

Saturday last I joined a very fun group for dinner at Sauciety, in the Westin. Although the meal was a bit pricey, by the time you factor in not having to travel all over the city by taxi it wasn't so bad; arranging the repast was Lawrence Schoen's wife, Valerie and the crew included Karl Schroeder and his wife and daughter, myself, Walter Hunt and his wife and daughter, and Oz Whiston, who writes as Oz Drummond ... http://birdhousefrog.livejournal.com ... a convivial group, we had a slightly longer dinner than planned because several of the fish portions ordered for the table were undercooked and had to be redone. Still, there was good ebb and flow of conversation and the cooked food was well done. Sauciety prides itself on sauces and accompaniments and, my, I have to say I really enjoyed the Parmesan foam with the $26 chicken breast. Conversation included POD books, cats, Maine Coon Cats, books, workshops, cats ... I think I'll plan on a meal there next year for Boskone, assuming we don't have a Guest of Honor gig that conflicts.

In the evening I managed to hall party with Jon Singer for awhile, stopped by Jim Morrow's book party for Shambling Toward Hiroshima -- http://www.tachyonpublications.com/book/Shambling.html -- and had a chance to talk with Warren Buff again. Warren heads the apparent NASFIC for 2010 in North Carolina, and if you don't think you'll be rushing off to AussieCon Four in Australia you may want to get in touch with Warren to see how you can help out with the NASFIC ... see: http://www.raleighnasfic2010.org/

In my rush on Sunday (where among other things I picked up several Boskone t-shirts from Fo'Paws, and an ancient I Dare ARC was gifted me at the NESFA special used sales table) and then had a Literary Beer where I played contrarian, after all, and went for a glass of the house chardonnay), I lost (forgot somewhere) a black portfolio with a zillion Steve Miller and Sharon Lee name tent-cards and some story and panel notes. Time to get a new one I guess, but I think I've had that one for a dozen years, so losing it is a bummer... And then, in that interim between end-of-con and train rides the Birch bar was a good place to see people and talk; alas, somehow this con I always saw Jo Walton going in the other direction. Sigh .. maybe next time.

And now, to the daily Theo.
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