February 20th, 2009


Well, that was refreshing

We didn't get all the snow the called for yesterday ...

so I went to the office and got caught in a sudden squally mess on the way home -- three four inches in an hour.
There was a scary moment when an overenthusiastic child waiting beside traffic with his mother -- or not waiting, sort of -- managed to slip and slide in front of my car, ending up sort of beneath the front end as I was in an exit line at a parking lot. No harm done by me, but Mom was certainly promising harm as soon as they were someplace safe... and that was followed by the sight of someone at the end of Route 32, at the China road, in full reverse, wheels turning far faster than the car was moving, and only barely inching up away from the corner maelstrom of ice and traffic.

Then it didn't quite stop snowing ... or it did for an hour or two and started again ... and I had to shovel a path across the deck this morning to feed the birds. It snows now. They promise it will stop, but then we're warned of a potential 6 to 9 inches Sunday into Monday ... looks like the groundhog was right!

For research purposes -- anyone on list near Laramie?

For research purposes -- does anyone out there still have working copies of our Embiid books?

For research purposes -- assuming you are not a regular Worldcon/NASFIC attendee, long-range fan, how far would you travel to attend a regional convention, if Sharon and I were featured there? How far would you travel to see us if we were giving a talk at a local library or college?

For research purposes -- have you ever been on/do you take part in Second Life.

I'm sure there were more questions... but this is a start.

Thank you for reading this far. You are free to go now.