February 12th, 2009


Now, or soon to be, on shelves near you

Rained and wind last night, it did, so dern hard that the lectrics went away and come back a buncha times, leavin the 'puter boxes screaming along with dem writers ... but is powered up again, phew. They yellin' now 'bout icy fog and foggy ice and snow and fallin temperatures and roads with slick spots... ans wind, dey think, more wind, wheee ....

Meanwhiles, I been forgettin to mention that we had two, thas right, TWO UPS trucks 'rrvin here t'other day. One, that had tha coffeepot what waz ordered in so we could caffinate, and it come in pretty early, with a big box, bigger than it weighed. T'other, that was not 'xpected, unhunh, and it came in with a smaller box that waz a bit bunged up an had a lot mo weight, like it carried sumpin' portant.

So, Duainfey ... it be here in mass market, author copies. Dem folks at Borders , sez, not yet, kinda like like dem folks at Barnes is Noble. Now February 24, it be some days away, but amazon is amazin ... dey say dey got one two three copies to sell right now, and it got a number (a very big number so no one knows it be dere yet) ...

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
now in hardcover and mass market from Baen ... iff'n the stores ordered it, you can get it real soon now.