February 8th, 2009


Goings on

Strange weather day -- thought it was going to hit 50 it got so warm (48); now we're looking for 7 in the city by morning so it may well be 0.0 here.... we shall see. So far all Iseem to have gained out of it is a dry hacking cough, which I really do no want with a convention on the way. Me for some cough drops, yessir.

Spent the morning on updating the SRM catalog page with a couple of the "found in wrong box" titles .. might be some more of them later in the week.

Spent the afternoon on details. Correspondence mostly, and getting my brother's new phone number, since he killed his land line... this the brother who lives in North Carolina. He's moved around a bit; it turns out he's only 20 minutes or so from the con location, so we hope to see him the weekend of StellarCon. The last time I dropped down to Maryland I saw him for about 5 minutes since he was overseeing the sawing of the sycamore trees that formerly graced the front hill at home. At this rate we'll catch up in everything by 2020 or so...

Otherwise, just a day.