February 2nd, 2009


Sometimes we're way too scattered to be efficient

Today ...

we discover that the good folk at SFREVU have reviewed Eidolon... and so you can find that at:

http://www.sfrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=8582 and yes, I bring this to you because we haven;t had all that many chapbook reviews of late. But ... but, don't just go and take a gander at the review and go away. There's more news there, since SFREVU is expanding reviews and news coverage. Among the news is that .. in their own words " we get more books each month than we've got readers for and we'd like to have more."

Go read the site -- Gayle Surrette's "Editorial Matters" will tell you how to apply for a review spot if you've always wanted to try your hand at that kind of thing. And if you happen to have news of the field, they can probably use that too.

Scattered -- since StellarCon is run by a college SF group I spent a fair part of the day making our own reservations. Alas, I discover our train schedules are *really* a bit hairy and rather than hoping we'll arrive 5 or 10 minutes early (har har har, sez dem familiar with today's mass transportation situation) it looks like we'll have some late night travel, down to leaving High Point in the earliest of Monday morning and then running all day and night to arrive back in Portland well into Tuesday's dark hour morning. I'm trying to finagle a hotel stop rather than driving home directly, which would make more than a 24 hour travel day of mostly awake, yessir, since tacking on a roomette from High Point would only be the greatest luck and luxury.

And on we go...