January 29th, 2009


Later, a return to cats, now a report because Boskone approacheth

So, Boskone approaches and here's my preliminary schedule. As always, prelininary schedules are subject to change ... still sounds like I have a good mix of topics and events....

Friday 7pm Inventions We're Waiting For
Tom Easton
Jordin T. Kare
Steve Miller
Mary A. Turzillo
What sort of stuff do we really wish existed, but probably won't
within our lifetimes?

Friday 10pm Keeping Your Series Fresh
Patricia Bray
Michael F. Flynn
Juliet E. McKenna
Steve Miller (M)
Joel Shepherd

If you re lucky enough to create a long-running series, how do you
stave off staleness? Have your protagonist take a new case, trip,
job, or lover with every installment?

Saturday 11am Con-Going on a Budget
Steve Miller
Margaret Organ-Kean
Edie Stern
Rene Walling

Besides cramming ten in a room and living on stale potato chips all
weekend, how can you get through a convention as cheaply as

Saturday 12noon Redux: If you liked that, read this....
Daniel P. Dern
Nina Harper
Alexander Jablokov
Steve Miller
Faye Ringel

If you enjoyed our similar panel last year, you ll love this one!
We ll talk again about how favorite stories or authors lead us to
others, alike in interesting or unexpected ways.

Saturday 2pm Autographing

Saturday 3:30pm Reading
Steve Miller

Sunday 12noon Literary Beer
Geoffrey A. Landis
Steve Miller

And that's what I know right now on that topic ....