January 25th, 2009



Odd week, but I've been having those of late. We've had a lot of cold and some wind, not as much snow as we might expect, and the catching up I've been doing has included Second Life, SRM Publisher, and retrieving files from old hard drives .... whee...

On the SRM Publisher front I've added some of the Meisha Merlin titles that fell off the pages when the year-turn happened; and updated some SRM Publisher chapbook titles that have been reprinted and hence are available again. I also hung curtains at the office, FWIW. On the home side of all that, the basement has more square feet showing and with a prevailing wind working in our favor most of the leftovers from the SRM occupation ought to be gone before Boskone.

Yes, Saltation is on the Mencken table, with Theo needing attention. Yes, we're waiting for more office stuff to arrive. Yes, I *do* need to go through more of the boxes at the office since some of the things we got from Meisha Merlin were apparently mis-marked...

And... I have more time on weekends now that the Ravens have fallen.