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it came out of the wordwork

In brief
Packed books today for SRM while staying home to receive memory for Sharon's computer upgrade -- which arrived while Sharon was still o nthe way home, so I guess that was well done, then rushed to the PO to ship the books I packed, taking up a clerk's time for about 40 minutes.... and now am at SRM's Waterville office while waiting for the local writing group to start at the Waterville Library... wheee ...and with luck will get home in time to install the new memory and get that act in gear tonight ...

all this complicated by the weather -- which was snow most of the day yesterday and then freezing into this morning, with several snow squalls late in the day adding another 1/2 inch or so in a few minutes ....

And ... we may suddenly and very nearly without warning have a local convention gig for January ... more as we have clarity.