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it came out of the wordwork

And an early happy New Year to you all.... with random notes

Me, I'm going to take much of the day off, but I should mention that Theo waitley's last chapter of the year is up ... and that's the last chapter of the first draft of Saltation as well. Wow!

Yesterday or the day before we Fedexed off the corrected page proofs for Longeye to Baen in North carolina. They might be there today, or maybe on Friday.


Online using a Mandriva LiveCD on the computer that won't otherwise wakeup... wheee...

There are chocolate chip cookies being baked, in part because we've almost finished the apple coffee cake I baked the other day. Wonder how that happened.... did I mention that I had to punt to make my strusel for that coffee cake? My recollection of having "extra" brown sugar at the time being wrong, I added the cinnamon to a mix of fine chopped apples in syrup and 1/2 cup of granulated white sugar instead of a 2/3 cup of brown ... and it worked out well as a topping.. Not telling how much cinnamon I used, since cinnamon and garlic have the "What do you mean, too much?" quality in common at our house.

Truck truck truck...
my new computer arrived. The memory upgrade and some important software has not arrived and so the computer remains, slowly warming, in the box being watched by Hexapuma in the living room.

As often as we see things like this:
http://news.mainetoday.com/updates/037707.html .....

I wonder if there should be a Heavy Equipment Theme Park somewhere that would let people drive bulldozers, zambonis, cranes and the like. It would make a good adjunct to one of those places that lets railfans take control of a locomotive for a short spin...

Speaking of railfans ... can you tell me if you've heard about free-range children and places that are SAFE? ...


for rail fans and travelers there is this:


Oh yes ... we've got a Friend of Liad on board to do a podcast of the Saltation draft, starting early in the year. More later on that... And we're talking with a program person of a more or less local planetarium about a show there, down the road, so I guess that's more later on that...

We hear that amazon is showing stock on the new Ace reissues of Agent of Change and Conflict of Honors, while Local Custom is set for June 30, Plan B for May 26, Scout's Progress on July 28, and ... I'm not sure about the other books, I guess that's a watch the skies...

Coming up in the next few weeks... a working title for the Liaden book to follow Scout's Progress.

Next year is shaping up -- hope to see a bunch of you at conventions -- do remember we're Guests of Honor at StellarCon in High Point North Carolina in March (Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th) and we'll also be at Anticipation, WorldCon 2009, in Montreal in August. I'll be at Boskone in February but we may need to win the lottery to get Sharon there.

Be well, have fun.