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it came out of the wordwork

There's enough fog for a zombie movie... and
Yard Iggle
there's enough motion in the mists to make you feel it's not accidental, and not quite natural, with fog hanging low over a black and white landscape going slowly to green. In the distance and coming closer crows argue in crowds and their cousins the blue jays join in, while the chick-adeedeedeedee outside the bedroom window is evidence the birds really DO know where we hide when they wish to feed. A rumble, somewhere, somewhere in the fog ... means the plow truck is making another round, shedding sand over roads that have layers of this mix: snow, sand, ice, sand, ice, sand ....

And every so often the power box squeals as a limb interrupts the power. The temperature here is right at freezing, bouncing between 31.8 and 32.7 this last hour, so with a breeze comes icing, and once in awhile, the sound of a branch giving way and once in awhile the sound of a vehicle that is not a plow truck out on the bigger road beyond the gore.