December 27th, 2008

Lord Black Cat

Days not quite off and not quite on

I spent most of yesterday sitting around reading Longeye -- with pen and note-sticky slivers to hand, and Hexapuma sitting in Archie's gray chair across the Mencken Table from me. From time time Hex would open his eyes and crane his neck to see if the T & V had the Bird,Fish, & Squirrel channel on, and failing that, he flopped onto his side and started another nap.

Lunch yesterday was salmon leftovers, breakfast this morning was Chinese leftovers from Lucky Panda, with new music on the stereo. Relaxing way to start the day after the recent rush-to-work in bad weather hecticness Rolanni's been playing to. So looks like we'll have some leftover chicken for lunch is a few hours... which will make for an easy meal.... so I may finally get to those apples and *do something* with them

Not to say I quite finished the Longeye proofing yesterday, since there was a *knotty pointTM* which we settled this morning after identifying exactly which sentence was messing up the flow of the last seventeen pages; and so while breakfast was heating we solved that with Rolanni's input and output while I perused and figured out the proper phrasing for a tricksy bit of work Theo is doing in the expanded XXXXXXXX Adventure section of Fledgling.

With the weather being what it is -- 10:02 am EST on December 27, 2008
Winter Weather Advisory...Occasional freezing rain or drizzle...changing to rain late... a quarter inch ice accumulation. Highs in the lower 30s. Areas of fog this afternoon -- I won't be going out today to post the now finished (on our side, anyway) Longeye proof. Nor, I guess, will I buy my usual year-end lottery tickets this weekend ... will have to get them next week in time for the New Year eve drawing.... I usually throw $20 into the lottery wishing well at the end of the year with the hopes that our retirement will be assured .... sigh -- and just think, I could have followed my stepfather's adroit planning and invested in Enron!

I think the closest we've come to a lottery payday was $500, but hey, it was a thrill and paid down a credit card bill while helping the state of Maine's solvency.

So, with the steps coated with ice, the back-ups and UPS in place, and the drizzle continuing to freeze, we'll hope we have connectivity but if not, work can go on.
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