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it came out of the wordwork

Around 10:00 AM the temperature rose to 0 degrees F
Lord Black Cat
So there we go; light snow started about 15 minutes ago as far as I could tell. Around 10:00 AM the temperature rose to 0 degrees F ... it was -9.6 according to the outer sensors when I got up around 7. We're expecting 18 inches of snow they say. Hope the power stays on, yes I do, 'cause there's work to be done.

So far today I have cleaned snow off the front steps to make sure we can get out that door if we have to, I have filled the bird feeders to the very tippy tippiest top, swept yesterday's snow off the cars, washed and started the towels drying, and unlimbered my mandolin for a breakfast including potatoes, mixed sweet peppers and onions, sausage, garlic, carrots, and secret ingredients, all mixed together in olive oil, with the addition of a nice dash of rosemary vinegar about three minutes before serving... The good news is there are leftovers.

Also have started the bread machine kneading my dough for me since I really ought to be writing something, too. We'll see if my new experimental roll-making toy* helps me divide that dough into six mostly equal roll-size lumps at the appropriate time. If Sharon is off work tomorrow I may bake an apple-cinnamon coffee cake since the ingredients have been in the way for the last few days. If I don't leave some of the ingredients in plain sight I forget that I have them sometimes...

Noon ... gotta start writing I guess, though all this "other stuff" is actually a sign that *I am so writing, darn it* so maybe I got to start transcribing what the back-brain has been doing while I've been doing this other stuff.

Lunch will probably happen before the rolls are done, so I guess we'll have the tomato chicken and rice soup I made Friday with store bought whole wheat bread. Happens. Guess I can add some quartered cheese slices on the side to spiff it up.

Wheee... look at that snow come down!

*"experimental roll-making toy" is actually a professional stainless steel pizza cutter with a 4 inch in diameter cutting wheel. I hope that'll let me get those rolls looking about the sandwich size....

Chapter 37 is up
Lord Black Cat
Chapter 37 went up hours ago. Srsly.

Snowing so hard they've added 6 inches to our expectations - now calling for 18-24 inches...wheee... blowing so hard that the shield on the woodpecker feeder is threatening to smash itself

More if we have power later